Five Things your Facebook Business Page Needs Now!

We all know is good marketing to have a Facebook page for your business. But without these five things, you may be missing out on the benefits of Facebook. Open your Facebook page right now and check to see if you have these five very important things in it.

We will use our own Facebook page as an example.

Good Profile Photo

A profile photo is the face of your business in Facebook. It not only shows up in your page, but it also appears every time you make a comment. Your logo is the obvious choice, but if you are a one person operation then a photo of you might be more personable.

Facebook profile photos can be 540 pixels high. That is very valuable real estate on your page you need to take advantage of! Tell a little bit more of your story – what do you do, what products you sell, maybe a photo of your storefront. Have fun with it! If you have a website, add it here so that your fans don’t have to search for it. But remember, make sure that the thumbnail scales down to a readable size.

Fill out the Info Tab 

A lot of times when we set up our Facebook pages we are too busy to fill out the Info tab. How many times have we heard “Oh, I’ll fill that out later…” The Info tab has all the vital information for your business – description, phone, website, and hours. If people are interested in your business and don’t know how to get there or contact you, then what is the use of having a Facebook page?

Photos, photos, and more photos!

Photos make your content and page more interesting. It has been proven that people spend more time looking at your posts if there is a photo included. So add photos to your page! It will add personality to your business and keep people engaged.

Link to your website

We mentioned this before, but if you have a website you HAVE to include it on your front page. I know you filled out the Info tab already (right?) and you include your website. That isn’t good enough. If I have to look for your web address, then I won’t go to your website. Place your website prominently in your profile page

Mailing List Tab

If you have a mailing list, you know how valuable it is and you want to use any opportunity to grab a few more subscribers. Every mailing list client is different and has its own way of adding subscribe forms to Facebook tabs. Do some research and get your tab.

This information will help you set up an awesome Facebook page with the essential information you must have. Don’t stop there! Continue to post pertinent information that your fans will find useful.

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