5 Tips for Better Readability

You have so much information to give the world. You are a fountain of knowledge! Now let’s make sure the world can (and wants to) read what you have to say!

Be clear and concise.
Do not use professional jargon or complex sentences to get your point across. You’ll be hard to understand and appear pretentious. Instead write with a conversational tone. If you must use a complicated term, define it in plain language and provide an example or a visual aid. Keep it short and to the point. These days everyone is short on time and no one wants to read long text. Break up your text with images and lists to keep it interesting.

Use Good Contrast
For the body text it is necessary to have good contrast between the background and the text. Black text on a white background is best but other colors can also be used with caution. Remember that a combination of contrasting colors (colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel such as blue and orange or red and green) can cause eye fatigue and are hard to read.

Select the Right Font
Serifs are those small lines at the end of stokes in some font families. Serif fonts, like Times New Roman, are more readable in print. Sans-serif fonts, like Arial, work best to use online. Leave cursive and novelty fonts for headlines, never use them for body text.

Write in Style
Once you have the content established, it is necessary to use some styles to your text to give emphasis to important ideas. DON’T USE ALL CAPITALS ON BODY TEXT or write every word in italics. It is uncomfortable to your reader and makes your text much slower to read. Left-aligned text is always the best choice. Very rarely is right-aligned, centered or justified text going to look better and it is harder to read. Text with a ragged right margin is generally considered to be more readable than fully justified text.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
After you finish writing your text, put it aside. Come back later and read it out loud. Does it make sense? Better yet, have someone else read it. Is it hard to read? Can you make improvements?

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