Color By Design: Blue

What is your favorite color? Have you ever thought why?

When a person sees a color they subconsciously associate that color with a feeling, a memory, a place, a thing. The psychology of color can help businesses send a clear message to their customers about what they value most. During the next few posts we will be looking at how businesses can use color in their branding to better get their message across.

Blue inspires calmness, relaxation, dependability and loyalty. No wonder most people consider blue to be their favorite color. The color blue also makes you more productive and focused on the task at hand. So how can brands use the color blue to their advantage?

Blue is a color that inspires confidence and dependability. That is why so many uniforms are blue. It is a good color for conservative corporate businesses that want to give a sense of trust to their customers like businesses in the financial and legal field.

Combining blue with gray gives a sense of reliability and credibility which makes it a good choice for technology businesses.

The color blue, as with shades of turquoise, can represent cleanliness. Businesses in the health, medical and cleaning field can benefit from using blue in their branding.

Blue and tints of light blue are like the colors of the sky and the water and exude relaxation and peacefulness. This quality makes it a great choice for the tourism and the health and wellness industries. (Also bedrooms!)

Dark blue shades like navy inspire integrity and honesty. That is why many political and religious organizations use this color.

Blue is a color that could be used by almost any industry, except one – the food industry. Can you think of a successful food brand that uses the color blue as the primary color in their logo? That is because blue is not a naturally occurring color in most foods. We tend to associate the colors blue and green with food that has spoiled. It does not increase your appetite. It is even said that if you want to loose weight use blue plates. (I am going to run out and buy new plates!)

We will continue to explore the subject of color in branding in coming blog posts. Stay tuned!

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