Color by Design: Green

Who is ready for spring and all the green grass growing? I know we are! In March I think of four leaf clovers, leprechauns, and luck o’ the Irish. What about you?

We are continuing our Color by Design Series where we look at how color affects the perception of a brand and the use of color to improve our marketing efforts. It only makes sense in the month of March to check out the color green.

Did you know the color gurus at Pantone have declared Emerald Green as the color of the year? The color green has many good connotations that a lot of businesses can take advantage of to use for branding. It also has negative associations as well. Let’s take a closer look.

Green is the color of nature and growth. It implies freshness and cleanliness. It is the perfect color for natural, organic and environmentally-friendly products. Although it is a great color for that industry, the color green has to be used with caution for two reasons. Since it is the obvious choice, lots of products in that category use green. Your product may not get noticed in a sea of green brands. Have you heard of the term greenwashing? Greenwashing means to market your product to appear environmentally-friendly when in reality it is not. Unfortunately, you might be competing against those brands as well.

The color green brings a sense of tranquility and makes you feel calm and at peace. Did you know that some hospital rooms and classrooms are painted green for that reason? It is a good color for businesses that want to bring those feelings to their clients such as spas, yoga studios, beauty salons and medical offices.

Different shades and tints of the color green can have different meanings. For example, dark forest green is a conservative, masculine color. It symbolizes wealth therefore it is a good choice for those in the financial industry. Lime green combines the characteristics of green as well as yellow (we’ll dive into yellow in our next post). Lime Green represents excitement, good luck and anticipation which makes it a great choice for promoting a new offer.

Like all colors, green also has negative undertones that can send the wrong message to your customers. Have you heard the saying “green with envy”? When someone is “turning green” they look sick. A “greenhorn” is an untrained or inexperienced person. Green can also represent mold and death. Be mindful of these meanings when choosing colors to market your business.

Hope you enjoyed our look at the color green! If you liked our article, stay tuned for our next post on yellow in the Color by Design series.

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