The People Behind the Pixels

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Katie Main
Katie Main, Graphic Designer

Katie is no slouch when it comes to print design. She is our eager beaver, go-to gal, and designer on-the-fly. When she isn't freelancing for TM, you can find her playing with her son, taking photos, or chasing her six dogs.

What animal would you be? Elephant – thick-skinned and symbol of wisdom
If you could spend a month donating your time to a good cause, what would you do? Rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Artist or magazine designer
What cartoon character are you most like? Peppermint Patty – sporty, competitive, and sometimes confused
What is your favorite sport? Basketball
What are three words that best describe you? Active, nutty, and compassionate