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Especially Projects We Did for The Catalyst Schools in Chicago
Catalyst Brochure
During November's American Education Week, we're throwing it back to the brochures, annual reports, websites and other design work we've done for schools. You'll see we take schoolwork seriously.

Confession time: While you all were out dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire and screaming at football games, we were in our high school art room finishing paintings and projects and applying to fine arts programs. We were always in the front row and raising our hands, especially in art classes. Still teacher's pets today, too…

Some work we're really proud of includes The Catalyst Schools in Chicago. They provide a better education for students in underprivileged communities. While doing our best designing to help promote Catalyst, we have also received kudos from the creative industry. Several of their project have won awards!

We created a brochure for Catalyst's capital campaign for creating a music and theater space in a challenged neighborhood in Chicago. Their Ravinia Orchestra is one of America’s largest African-American elementary school orchestras.

Check out the latest Catalyst annual report as well as this one from a previous year, which asks “What are you a Catalyst for?” and uses that question theme throughout the report. Same with their original website, which we designed and developed.

We don't skip school today, either. Nerds maybe, but we'll do all our homework for your graphic design needs.  

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"The TM Design Team has been the perfect partner for our Catalyst Schools. We feel they have a deep understanding of who we are by providing designs that reflect our schools' true character. TM Design is masterful in bridging those creative designs with our true essence. The result is a look and feel of our publications and website that we are proud to share. The team listens to us well and is efficient in its turn-around times."

— Co-Founder, Director of Mission & External Relations 
November 18–22, 2019
American Education Week is a special celebration honoring people who are making schools great for every child. Some activity ideas:

  • Write an essay: "What I would do if I were principal."
  • Hand out ice cream bars to students and teachers just because "school is cool."
  • Use American Education Week to launch a contest to design the school's yearbook cover.
  • Have teachers post anonymous baby photos on a bulletin board and stage a contest to see which student could identify the most.
  • Invite parents to have lunch with kids in the school cafeteria.
  • Collect t-shirts, backpacks, clothing and school supplies to donate to needy students.
  • Host lunches, snacks and other events for teachers.
  • Students read motivational quotes from past and present heroes the school's public address system.
  • Give bus drivers coupons, cookies or thank-you cards.

Or look up a local organization such as SHIP (Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership), DCAYA (DC Alliance of Youth Advocates), or Dreams for Kids DC, and see how you can support financially or volunteer.

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